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What you can do using Zettabox

Zettabox enables you to own and control your data

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What our customers say

Knowing Zettabox’s commitment to protecting users makes it easy to trust them with data that matters to my business values.

Tatiana Byrne - Founder, TonicGear

Since using Zettabox, I save approximately 2 hours per week on file management tasks alone by not having to access various file sharing and collaboration tools that were previously used by our clients and staff. Now I just look at my dashboard. It’s quite cool!

Wayne Kemp - Senior Technical Account Manager, Moore-Wilson

I needed a solution that was not only easy to use, but also one that was compliant with international law.

James H. Bailey - Bailey Law, Founder

Zettabox gives our employees access to their data from work, from home or on the road from their mobile phones and tablets, and it’s secure, so the Company can control employees’ access to sensitive corporate documents.

Richard Shaw - Head of IT Systems, Interoute

Three ways to use Zettabox

The only solution that gives you three ways to offer you and your customers cloud storage, sync and collaboration: 


Zettabox OnDemand - Get started immediately with Zettabox’s cloud storage & collaboration tool with no setup required.     Zettabox GeoTool - Choose one of 8 European countries in which to store your customers’ content and data with minimal setup required.     Zettabox OnPremise - Use your preferred storage infrastructure to host Zettabox for your customers – with our easy to implement software

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