Customer Case Studies

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Since using Zettabox, I save approximately 2 hours per week on file management tasks alone by not having to access various file sharing and collaboration tools that were previously used by our clients and staff. Now I just look at my dashboard. It’s quite cool!
Wayne Kemp - Senior Technical Account Manager, Moore-Wilson
As our business expands and grows, it’s critical for us to be able to guarantee to our customers and partners that their data and content will remain in a safe location. We depend on our customers’ trust in us – not only to deliver excellent product, but also to protect their personal information. So it simply wasn’t enough to say that our collaborators’ data was ‘somewhere in the cloud.’ We had to know it was safe and compliant with changes laws in Europe.
Tatiana Byrne - TonicGear, Founder
The Zettabox dashboard keeps us informed of who has seen our work, and when they accessed it.
Dan Lennard - CEO, soFlash
We rely on Zettabox to store, sync and share our secure documents with our global membership.
Leslie Parker - Managing Director, REIL
Zettabox gives our employees access to their data from work, from home or on the road from their mobile phones and tablets, and it’s secure, so the Company can control employees’ access to sensitive corporate documents.
Richard Shaw - Head of IT Systems, Interoute