Zettabox for LAW

European cloud storage, collaboration and big file transfer for legal teams

Cloud functionality needs of a legal firmUsing Zettabox for your data makes good sense for your law firm.

With Zettabox, you can easily create “Chinese Walls”, as well as restrict access to files to only those who need to view them by using Zettabox to collaborate and control your data in a safe European environment.

We work closely with global law firms to understand which key data protection features they need. The six most important are listed here. Zettabox also provides collaboration tools to make working together easier and more efficient. 


 Zettabox gives me an auditable application that gives my clients confidence that I know where their content is stored in privacy, and that we can collaborate in a safe European cloud.

James H. Bailey - Bailey Law, Founder

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Zettabox provides law firms with:


Zettabox offers key features for legal teams: Data location & compliance, Security & Confidentiality, Collaboration made easy, Reliability & performance

Know where your data is located

  • With Zettabox, law firms can assure clients that their data doesn’t leave Europe (as it does with almost any other share, sync, store and collaboration cloud product). Only Zettabox can give you the freedom to store your data on your own premises or on a choice of European locations.  


Security and confidentiality

  • All data is encrypted and therefore not accessible by anyone else.
  • Content restriction and access levels can be set for named lawyers (within a firm) and also named individuals (client side).
  • Creation of compliant Chinese Walls within a firm by restricting content access to named individuals.


Lawyer / Client collaboration made easy

  • Track the content you and your colleagues are working on in real-time, with the Zettabox Dashboard.
  • Apply filters by colleague, time, content type or folder, making it easy to see outstanding tasks or urgent documents that need approval.



User scenarios: How law firms use Zettabox


  • Lawyers can use Zettabox to share data with clients even if the client does not have a licence to use the product.
  • Users can log in with any account — the one at your law firm, client email or a gmail account created specifically for a client or case.
  • Time stamping: Both the lawyer and the client can track when a document was uploaded, accessed, modified, deleted, and by whom, at a glance, with Zettabox Dashboard.
  • Editor controls: When someone is making changes to a document, the document is locked, so changes are not over-written or erased. And you can edit the document simultaneously, because Zettabox is fully integrated with Office 365. Work with the tools you already use but protect your data in Europe.
  • Version revert allows you to easily recover earlier versions of the document.
  • Email limitations on the size of file transfers do not apply.
  • The structure of files and folders can be easily customized to fit specific lawyer/client relationships — Zettabox includes assistance in structuring files and folders for your law firm.