Make the new European data laws work for you

Companies fined for non-compliance with EU data lawsData laws and regulations for Cloud Services have changed:


          - Data Protection is being enforced;

          - Governments are requiring Data Sovereignty in their own jurisdictions;

          - Regulators are challenging US dominance in cloud services globally.


For Service Providers and Resellers, Zettabox helps you meet the new requirements while deploying the “next killer app” and opening new and substantial revenue streams.

For Enterprises, Zettabox boosts your staff’s productivity with an intuitive collaboration tool set. At the same time, Zettabox helps you comply with the new rules and protect your customers’ data. Zettabox is the only cloud service recognized by the European commission as a “genuinely European” solution.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will affect any company doing business in Europe. Here’s what it means:

  • The law creates a single regulation for ALL 28 nation-state members of the EU – a law with TEETH. The Data Protection Authority of any one nation state can levy serious fines on a company’s GLOBAL revenues – up to 4%.
  • The “right to be forgotten” gets a new life in this law, affirming the individual’s right to have erased the content they have uploaded to a provider. The implications are huge: “knowing where your data is” becomes essential for companies that hold private citizens’ data. The “re-marketing” of personal data, as Facebook and Google do, will be challenged in Court.
  • The GDPR anticipates that personal data will be breached, even with the most rigorous best intentions. So the law requires that those breaches be reported promptly to a national Data Protection Authority. That’s a big change, and much stricter than what the US requires.

Until now, content was sent to cyberspace without any idea where that data actually resides. Now, much of the European Union, Russia, Algeria, and many countries in the Middle East have all introduced data sovereignty regulations. Governments worldwide are requiring that companies keep data within specific national or regional borders. “On a server owned by a US-domiciled company” is no longer the right answer.

Donald Trump now has the world’s most extensive data surveillance apparatus at his disposal, and US cloud service providers are required to comply with its orders. Zettabox offers an alternative — in Europe and beyond.

The dominance of the Cloud by US companies is also being challenged.

  • The EU is claiming that Google and others are acting like monopolies – and this includes how these giants store European data.
  • Zettabox is the only cloud service recognized by the European Commission as being a “genuinely European” solution. is an example of a genuinely European cloud storage solution. Its slogan is "It's better in Europe". Zettabox decided to base its operations entirely in Europe in order to provide a high quality cloud service, with the highest possible level of protection of personal data.

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