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European laws will require that you know where your data is when the European Union puts in place new laws on data protection. 

Zettabox can help. We are a cloud storage, syncing, backup and collaboration tool in the heart of Europe. We built Zettabox to give businesses more control and ownership of their data that they store in the cloud. 

Our Euro Harbor service is specifically developed for US companies doing business in Europe who need to comply with the upcoming stricter data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

What does working with Zettabox give you?

  • A fully European cloud solution for your customers

  • A data future outside of the US

  • Mutually beneficial revenue sharing  

Euro Harbor solves four key problems:

  • Lost control of your data? Your employees are probably using their own private accounts to store your company data. Zettabox provides an enterprise grade tool that you control. 

  • Is your company data being unknowingly stored in locations that do not comply with the strict European regulations? Zettabox stores all data in secure facilities in the European Union.

  • Are you using expensive collaboration tools that are too complex to use and maintain? Zettabox is easy to implement and use.  

  • Can you control your cloud? Zettabox provides enterrprise dashboards that are easy to administer. 

Easy integration

We adapt our service to plug into your cloud platform.

You stay in control of your data, and we act as your secure data controller in Europe.

You have a new service to offer your customers. is an example of a genuinely European cloud storage solution. Its slogan is "It's better in Europe". Zettabox decided to base its operations entirely in Europe in order to provide a high quality cloud service, with the highest possible level of protection of personal data.

European Commission, 2015

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