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Zettabox dashboard - easy team collaboration
Easily collaborate with the Zettabox dashboard

Collaboration made easy

Track the content you and your colleagues are working on in real-time, with the Zettabox Dashboard.

  • You can apply filters by colleague, time, content type or folder, making it easy to see outstanding tasks or urgent documents that need approval.
  • Customise the Dashboard, depending on your role: individual user, leader of a small team or project, or the IT administrator for a large business.
  • The Zettabox Dashboard gives company administrators an in-depth view about how staff use company data, the file content types and the amount of space used.

Zettabox is integrated with the productivity tools you already use, including Office 365

Most importantly, the Zettabox dashboard puts you in control of your data. And because Zettabox is built with compliance to European Data Protection laws, including GDPR, your company can work with ease in the cloud.

View pending invitations with Zettabox Dashboard

Zettabox puts you in Control of Sharing

Accept and manage shared files and folders in one place on the dashboard. High priority and new shares are highlighted, keeping you on top of the work flow in your team or company. 

Customisable dashboards are available for various roles: individual users, super users (for teams) and administrators (for business). 

As an Administrator you also have the extra functionality to view shared file content types and the amount of space each uses. 

Get your team updates in real-time

How is your team sharing and using company content in the cloud?

Your Zettabox Dashboard tracks how your content is being shared, links created to it and the number of times it has been viewed.

You get in-depth information about content usage, users and team collaboration. It’s the easiest and most productive way to collaborate.