Why use Zettabox?

Zettabox.com is an example of a genuinely European cloud storage solution. Its slogan is “it’s better in Europe”. Zettabox decided to base its operations entirely in Europe in order to provide a high quality cloud service, with the highest possible level of protection.

European Commission

Zettabox helps you meet your growing data challenge, providing:

  • the highest possible level of protection of because all our operations are based in Europe.
  • Zettabox is built with “encoded compliance,” anticipating the upcoming EU data protection regulation.
  • Zettabox is built for business, with dashboard controls essential for management of content within a corporation or team, or for anyone serious about protecting their data.


How Zettabox compares to other competitors




How Zettabox compares

  Microsoft OneDrive

  • In most instances, storage in US or on US-domiciled company servers
  • Business strategy to drive Office 365 lock-in to continue its dominance of the productivity tools market
  • Flexible offering allowing customers to work as they like with no lock-in
  • Business strategy to promote Reseller/Licensee lock-in
  • Much more attractive revenue share with Reseller/Licensee


  • Storage in US/on servers of US-domiciled AWS
  • Storage in one of 12 data centres based entirely in the European Union, or on Service Provider’s preferred infrastructure

  Google Drive

  • Storage in US/on US-domiciled servers
  • Lacks true admin controls
  • Business strategy to drive Google apps lock-in
  • Provides a series of true admin controls that make managing a large team or company simple and intuitive
  • Business strategy to promote Reseller/Licensee lock-in


  • Storage in US/on servers of US-domiciled AWS
  • Limited Enterprise Features
  • Storage in EU or on Service Provider’s preferred infrastructure
  • Enterprise-scale functionality
Using Zettabox OnPremise and GeoTool

Zettabox is a completely European cloud-sharing solution.

Place your content in our start of the art facilities. Or choose one of the locations we’re building out. Or specify your own location anywhere in the world you want your content to live. Zettabox integrates with a broad range of collaboration tools. By choosing Zettabox, you are never locked into a single provider’s tool set. Zettabox is developing the next generation of content and sharing tools, including smart tags, encryption and secure previews of your digital property to further safeguard your sensitive data. It’s better in Europe.



Zettabox European cloud storage locations

Zettabox offers three choices for data storage

In our facilities in the heart of Europe, in a facility in one of 10 major European cities, or in the customer’s own location, enabling the broadest flexibility for data location. For some team projects, Zettabox’s European object storage solution is preferable. For others, where the company subsidiaries face strict national rules for where data may reside, they will want to use Zettabox’s upcoming Geo-tool to place their data in specific cities across Europe.